Saturday, March 8, 2008

Tips on marriage

Today I want to talk about being married. I pray that what I have to say would be an encouragement to those who read it. I desire this blog to be a inspiration to those who are married to stay married no matter what and to those who are considering marriage be sure to know what you are getting yourself into. Marriage is the most beautiful thing a girl friend and boyfriend can do. But I highly suggest that a couple doesn’t enter it unless they are determined to make the marriage work until they die. I suggest that one doesn’t get married unless they are determined to make it work until they die because marriage is hard work. If you can’t see yourself with out the love of your life forever , than you are already setting yourself up for failure.
To any Christian couple that may read this, if you are only getting married because you can’t stop shacking , I suggest you don’t. I suggest you don’t for two different reasons. I understand that you want to please and honor God but what if you get married and then your partner doesn’t want to have sex any more or have sex as much as you once did. You can’t divorce them because they won’t have sex with you like you want it. The second reason I don’t suggest marriage because one can’t stop shacking is because a married couple spends more time outside of the bed room then they do inside of the bed room. Marriage is more than just having sex all the time trust me I know.
The next thing I would suggest is that don’t get married unless you really love that person. Statistics show that over 50% of marriages are destined to fail. Love is what it is going to make you stay in your marriage because looks will fade, muscles will fade, everything will fade and if you really don’t love that person that will fade to. Marriage is about meeting one another needs. And trust me from personal experience that is not an easy thing to do. One thing I would suggest prior to marriage is to discover of each others needs. By understanding each other needs you both have a goal of how to please each other .